Pit Bull Quotes

Top 50 Pitbull Quotes (That Can End Stereotypes)

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Are you a Pitbull mom looking for a funny quote for your favorite animal? Or are you a dog lover trying to fight breed discrimination?

We have compiled the ultimate list of funny and inspirational sayings about Pit Bulls that will melt your heart!


Funny Pitbull Quotes

1. If you think my head is big. You should see my heart! – unknown

Pitbull quote: If you think my head is big you should see my heart

2. Today, not in the news, an estimated 3.5 million pit bulls did nothing but love their families. – unknown

3. The only thing vicious about my Pitbull is his gas. – unknown

4. There is only one dangerous breed: humans. – unknown

5. My goal in life is to be as good a person as my pitbull already thinks I am. – unknown

6. You think pitbulls are dangerous? Have you seen who’s running our country? – unknown

7. Whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend. Clearly they never owned a Pit Bull. – unknown

8. The biggest muscle in a Pitbull is their heart.. – unknown

9. ''You are 100% more likely to fall in love with a pit bull than to be bitten by one.' Click To Tweet

10. My Pit bull doesn’t just warm my heart; He warms my feet.. – unknown

11. You are 60 times more likely to be killed by a coconut than a Pit bull.. – unknown

12. The more people I meet the more I love my Pitbull.. – unknown

Quotes About PitBull Stereotypes And How To Stop Them

13. My kids are around pit bulls every day. In the 70’s they blamed the Dobermans. In the 80s, they blamed German Shepherds. In the 90s, they blamed Rottweilers. Now they blame the Pit Bull.. – Cesar Millan

14. If you think all pit bulls are bad. Remember that Cesar Millan’s do to train other dogs is a pit bull.. – unknown

15. Ban ignorance, not Pit Bulls.. – unknown

16. Punish the deed, not the breed.. – unknown

17. I’m not a monster; I’m just a Pitbull.. – unknown

I'm not a monster, I'm just a pitbull

18. I am a Pitbull: funny, loving, smart and loyal. Your ignorant judgement won’t change me. But getting to know me will change you.. – unknown

19. Pit Bulls are a different kind of guardian angel. Never blame the breed.. – unknown

20. 'The only thing inherently dangerous about pit bulls is an uneducated opinion.' Click To Tweet

21. You don’t have to love me. Just don’t judge me.. – unknown

22. Every breed of dog can be taught to be aggressive. It’s time to stop blaming the wrong end of the leash.. – unknown

23. I’m not just a dog, I’m a Pit Bull changing minds everywhere I go.. – unknown

24. Breeds don’t make bad dogs. People make bad dogs.. – unknown

25. I’m telling you, I’m not a Pitbull. My mom said I’m a princess and my mom is always right. – unknown

26. Pit bulls are the least likely to be human aggressive. On the whole, you have to do a lot of work to make them aggressive to people. – Sue Frisch, Dessin Animal Shelter manager

27. 'I have a dream that one day I will not be judged by my appearance but by the content of my character.' Click To Tweet

28. At the end of the day, if a dog is big and muscular and athletic, they are going to call it a pit bull. I think that has a lot to do with the negative stereotypes and the unjust labeling of these dogs as monsters. When in reality, they are just like any other dog. …. I find them one of the most loving breeds on the planet. – Jeff Coltenback, Founder of Pitty Rescue

29. The problem is this, like any breed, if you have irresponsible ownership, people who are not educated on dog caring in general could be a recipe for disaster.. – Jeff Coltenback, Founder of Pitty Rescue

30. Temperament-wise, many temperament test out there like the American temperament test society, pit bulls score higher than most of the 200 breeds of dogs they test… higher than Golden Retriever and other family dogs. Pit Bulls are discriminated against because of people’s ignorance, media sensationalism, they are made out to be these monsters. . – Jeff Coltenback, Founder of Pitty Rescue

31. Pit bulls are not alone. Some of my favorite breeds have been through the gamut of discrimination. Rottweiler, German Shepherds, Doberman, … these dogs are just animals. They are domesticated dogs and if given the right opportunity, the right socialization and the right training, they are wonderful family pets.. – Jeff Coltenback, Founder of Pitty Rescue

Cute Quotes For Pitbull Moms

32. Pitbull hater? They will lick your face anyway. – unknown

Pitbull hater? I'll lick your face anyway

33. You don’t have to worry about my Pitbull. But you should worry about the crazy pit bull mom if you mess with my baby. – unknown

34. You had me at WOOF. – unknown

35. If you have never owned a Pitbull, you have never been unconditionally loved. – unknown

36. 'I asked God for a best friend and he gave me an American Pit Bull Terrier!' Click To Tweet

37. Whoever said diamonds are girl’s best friend never rescued a Pitbull. – unknown

38. Any woman can be a mother. But it takes someone special to be a Pit Bull mom. – unknown

39. I am stressed, blessed and Pit Bull Obsessed. – unknown

40. Whoever said diamonds are girl’s best friend never rescued a Pit Bull. – unknown

More Positivity and Love for Pit bulls

41.. Love is found in the eyes of a pit bull Click To Tweet

42. Pit bulls are beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity, and all the virtues of man, without his vices. – unknown

43. A pit bull’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. – unknown

44. Happiness is being loved by a pit bull. – unknown

45. Pit bulls were once known as ‘nanny dogs’ because of how kind and protective they were of children. – unknown

46. It is true that pit bulls grab and hold on. But what they grab onto and not let go of is your heart, not your arm. – unknown

47. Pit Bulls are very aggressive about showing their affection. – unknown

48. A house is not a home without a PitBull. Click To Tweet.

49. God once said: I need someone strong enough to pull a cart but gentle enough to love a child, smart enough to protect his master and passionate enough to love his family. Someone without so much love they can lift the spirits of a broken heart. So God created the Pit bull.. – unknown

50. I want you to see when you look at me…see my unconditional love, my open heart, my soft soul shining through. See my happy wagging tail, my eyes full of trusting acceptance, my paw reaching out for friendship. When you are ready, you will see me.. – Elle the Pitbull

Bonus: Hilarious Pitbulls in action! (video)


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